Macrame Wall Hanging

Create a unique macrame wall hanging to add a boho touch to your home decor.

Home Decor Beginner 3 hours $20

Steps: 1. Cut 8 pieces of cotton cord, each measuring 5 feet long. 2. Fold each cord in half and attach them to the wooden dowel using a lark's head knot. 3. Divide the cords into four groups of four cords each. 4. Create square knots by taking the outer left cord and crossing it over the two middle cords, then passing the outer right cord over the left cord and under the two middle cords. 5. Repeat step 4 until you have desired length of macrame. 6. Finish off the macrame by tying all the cords together at the bottom. 7. Trim the ends to create a neat fringe. 8. Hang your macrame wall hanging using a nail or hook.


Materials: - Cotton cord - Wooden dowel - Scissors - Measuring tape

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