Adjustable Wall Mounted Floating Standing Desk

Create a sleek and space-saving standing desk mounted on the walls of a corner using U channels for support. The desk features an adjustable height system for added convenience.

Intermediate 6 hours $50

1. Measure and cut the wooden tabletop to 70cm x 225cm. 2. Install the U channels on the front and left side walls of the corner. 3. Attach the L-brackets to the underside of the tabletop. 4. Hang the tabletop onto the U channels and adjust the height as desired. 5. Secure the tabletop in place by tightening the locking mechanism. 6. Test the stability and adjust if needed.


1. 70cm x 225cm wooden tabletop 2. U channels for wall mounting 3. L-brackets 4. Screws 5. Locking mechanism (e.g., wing nuts) 6. Drill 7. Screwdriver 8. Measuring tape

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