Checkerboard End Grain Cutting Board

Create a visually stunning end grain cutting board in a checkerboard pattern, perfect for both functional use and display in the kitchen.

Intermediate 6 hours $50

1. Cut the maple and walnut wood into equally sized strips. 2. Arrange the strips in a checkerboard pattern alternating between maple and walnut. 3. Glue the strips together, clamp and allow to dry. 4. Cut the glued strips into smaller sections, rotate these sections 90 degrees, reglue to form the checkerboard pattern. 5. Sand the board until smooth and finish with mineral oil for protection. 6. Enjoy your beautiful checkerboard cutting board!


Materials: - Maple wood (light color) - Walnut wood (dark color) - Wood glue - Clamps - Sandpaper - Mineral oil (for finishing)

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