LED Light-Up Picture Frame

Create a unique and personalized picture frame that features LED lights for a stunning effect.

Intermediate 3 hours $20

1. Remove the back of the wooden picture frame. 2. Measure and cut the LED light strip to fit around the inside edges of the frame. 3. Solder wires to the positive and negative terminals of the LED strip. 4. Use hot glue gun to secure the LED strip along the inside edges of the frame. 5. Insert batteries into a battery holder and connect the wires from the LED strip to the battery holder. 6. Test the lights to ensure they are working. 7. Place your desired pictures inside the frame and secure the back. 8. Hang the LED light-up picture frame on a wall or display it on a shelf.


1 wooden picture frame, LED light strip, batteries, wire, soldering iron, solder, hot glue gun, pictures

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