Thread Weave Bookmark

Create a beautiful and unique bookmark by weaving thread in different patterns and colors.

Beginner 2 hours $10

Steps: 1. Cut a piece of cardboard or stiff paper into a rectangle, approximately 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. 2. Mark evenly spaced vertical lines along the length of the rectangle, about 1/4 inch apart. 3. Cut small slits at the top and bottom of each line. 4. Cut a piece of embroidery thread, thread it through the needle, and weave it through the slits in a pattern of your choice. 5. Change thread colors and patterns as desired, securing the loose ends by knotting them at the back. 6. Continue weaving until the entire bookmark is covered. 7. Trim any excess thread and secure the ends with a knot. 8. Your unique thread weave bookmark is ready to use!


Materials: - Cardboard or stiff paper - Embroidery thread in various colors - Scissors - Tapestry needle - Ruler - Pencil

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